so i have been basically awol this week because there is no wifi in my bedroom at home and also i am basically never home, but now it is officially thanksgiving and i have been in long island with my family for five hours now and i already want to murder everyone. but, wifi! anyway, as far as family goes thanksgiving is yet again just us four, but the brave and valorous kolleen is actually coming tomorrow morning hooray hooray! i have to wake up super early to go food shopping with my dad, but i don’t really mind because i’m in charge of dessert and so i’ve got lots to do. i’m actually really excited about it, since i don’t really have time to do much baking outside of the holidays and this is the only time of year when it’s not literally impossible for me to bake without my mother yelling at me about how i’ll get fat and thus succumb to the worst fate imaginable, so it’s pretty delightful. okay pals that’s enough run-on sentences about my life, bye now.

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